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Kitchen area is mainly aimed to prevent foreign or extraneous materials entering the food processing chain. The sanitation program is planned with this view to get a safe and hygienic food. Regardless of how neat or clean a kitchen may appear, its operation cannot be considered sanitary unless all foreign materials from whatever source are excluded.

Cleaning team under the monitoring of the supervisor carries out cleaning as per the cleaning schedule. Cleaning is also done depending on the importance of the activities and the requirement, as per a drafted schedule plan.

Daily cleaning is done in the preparation, kitchen, butchery and vegetables area. The procedure includes cleaning the floor, tiles, washbasins, glasses, surroundings, toilets etc. The Pesto-flash shall be opened daily and will be cleaned.

Sanitation of Contact Surface/Equipment

Wood is not used in any stage of the processing. Pallets used inside the processing halls and the storage areas are easy to clean. All machinery is positioned so as to give easy access to all its parts for cleaning.

Storage of Sanitizing Chemicals and Cleaning

All sanitizing agents, Pesticides, non-food grade lubricants and chemicals are stored in locked cabinets or outside the processing hall separately after proper labeling. The cleaning brushes and other cleaning implements are stored separate away from food processing area.